We’re excited about the Kitchen Table Project and seeing parents support and encourage each other as we introduce our children to God.

For parents

We know how busy and full life can get as a parent! There are lots of things we would love to do regularly, but they just slip off our radar and are easily forgotten. So our aim with the Kitchen Table Project is to keep encouraging each other and learning together about how we can really inspire faith in our children.

Inspire Sessions
To kick off the conversation we’d love mums and dads to get together to start thinking about faith at home. Many of us aren’t really sure if we are doing the right things or we haven’t thought about how to nurture faith outside of church.

The Inspire Session is an opportunity to meet with other parents to chat about children and faith and figure out together where in the world to start! We’ll provide everything you need to make it easy to run, fun and interactive. This will be available in January 2018.

Ongoing support
Join us on Facebook and Twitter for ideas on how to become more intentional about sharing faith at home. Together we can be reminded of the small everyday things we can do that will help our children develop in their own faith, and just be that little nudge to focus on God at home.

We will also be producing a book and other resources to help you continue on the journey as well as signposting you to loads of others who are doing great things too.

Being a parent is an amazing opportunity to introduce our children to our wonderful, loving God and we are excited to go on this adventure with you.

For churches

Alongside church leaders, we want to see every generation growing in their love for God. We know that our churches have great programmes for children, but how much do we think about how we can equip and encourage parents as well, as they raise young disciples?

We’ve been talking to church leaders across the country about why this is so important to our churches. Find out more here:

download presentation for church leaders

Coming soon:
Church Toolkit
A variety of resources like sermons, posters and ideas on how you can start to develop a church that empowers parents to nurture faith in their children at home.



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