The Dad Adventure Challenge!

Are you a dad who wants their kids to grow up to know Jesus? Find it hard to think of fun ways to explore faith? Why not take on the Dad Adventure Challenge!

Each week we’ll send you an exciting adventure to do with your kids, plus some questions and stories to think about while you’re having fun.

In addition, you can jump on a 20 minute Zoom call each Friday night at 6pm, from 7 May – 4 June 2021 to join with other dads and their kids taking on the challenge.

Hosted by Andy Frost, you’ll get to tackle some new adventures round the house, enter competitions and hear from some special guests about their adventures with Jesus.

Each adventure is taken from Andy Frost’s new book: 52 Faith Adventures for Dads – and you’ll be among the first to try them out!

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Zoom calls

  • Each Zoom will last 20 minutes max and be hosted by Andy Frost. We’d love you to join with your children, and get involved with the activity each week.
  • Special guests include music artist Chip Kendall, skater Beaver Flemming, Firefighter Adam and more!
  • Please note that children may not attend without an adult present. The events will not be recorded, but by signing up you consent to have photos of the call taken and used on social media. If you enter a photo or video to the competitions we will ask your permission to use them for marketing purposes.
  • With children on the call, we ask that everyone have fun and be respectful to all ages present, thank you!

Book launch

52 Faith Adventures for Dads will be launched on 4 June 2021. The book gives fun, everyday ideas for dads to adventure with their kids, while exploring the Bible and faith along the way. From taking a night hike, to making your own lemonade, there are plenty of adventures to suit every personality and ability. The adventures are best suited for children aged 3 – 11, but there’s a lot of fun to be had for every age!

Talking Faith with Pete Greig

Andy Frost sits down with Pete Greig to talk about what faith in their family looks like and how they have engaged with prayer together as a family.

"I looked at lots of promises in the Bible, and I found the ones that resonated with what I know of my own kids, and once I got two or three promises that I really felt were from God for my kids - those have become the backbone of the prayers for my kids."

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