The Big Coronation Faith-Filled Feast

Are you looking to take part in ‘The Big Lunch’ over the Coronation weekend and celebrate with your church community through fun activities, food and laughter? It’s a great opportunity to get together to celebrate and help our children discover more about being part of the royal family of God!

Use our special Big Coronation Faith-Filled Feast edition to learn about how we’re all part of God’s royal family. It’s a free A4 pdf that you can print double sided and give to everyone at your feast.

Download the feast placemat now.

If you want to get it printed professionally, sites like Instantprint and Vistaprint are reasonably priced.

Follow our social media in the weeks leading up to the Coronation for ideas to help build faith in your children through the celebrations. We’ve also got some extras here that you can use.

Have fun!

Talking Faith

  1. King Charles III and Queen Camilla use their gifts and abilities as they lead and serve the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. How can we use the gifts and abilities God has given us to serve others?
  2. King Jesus was a leader. Talk together about the different characteristics he demonstrated as he led his disciples.

At the Kitchen Table we often talk about the elements that build faith. Here are some ideas to help you talk about these in the context of the Coronation celebrations.

  1. Prayer – Prayer is such an important element that builds our faith because it allows us to talk to and listen to God. How can we continue to pray for King Charles III, Queen Camilla and our leaders at this time?
  2. Home – Jesus reminds us that there is always room for us at his table and he invites us to open our homes to others. How can we use the ‘Big Coronation Faith-Filled Feast’ as a springboard to invite others to join us in our homes for food and friendship? This doesn’t have to be an elaborate meal or mean we have to provide all of the food. We could ask someone around simply for tea and cake, or invite families to bring a different element of the meal and eat together.
  3. Belong – Building relationships and serving others plays an important part in creating a sense of belonging. King Charles III has invited people to love their communities well by joining in with ‘The Big Help Out’ initiative. As a family, how can you get involved in showing God’s love and kindness to your community and make a positive impact on people’s lives?
  4. Be Real – During the celebration of King Charles III, it’s important to remember the grief he and his family will still be experiencing after the loss of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. How can we use this as an opportunity to show kindness, love and support to those dealing with grief at this time?
  5. Be intentional – Children often think that kings and queens live in palaces and may wonder why Jesus didn’t. Talk about how Jesus was different from other kings and queens and didn’t need wealth because his focus was on spreading God’s message of kindness and forgiveness. He showed that being a good leader was about serving others and not ruling over them with power and wealth. What can you do as a family to show love and compassion to others, just like Jesus did?

Further activities

Decorate a stone or rock

Create your own coronation stone. Maybe you could paint a picture of the Union Jack flag, a crown or some bunting. Or you could paint a word or phrase such as ‘love’, ‘peace’, ‘God loves you’ or ‘be kind’. Then give it away as a gift to someone special, or leave it in a park or open space for someone to find?

For further ideas check out Messy Church from The Bible Reading Fellowship.

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