A Grandma’s story

Would you believe a car journey can help connect your little one to God? Caroline is grandma to two little girls and told us about the value of the car journey!

I had a moment recently when I was reminded just how simple it can be to connect our children to God in the normal everyday moments of life.

I’m a grandma who loves to sing, and especially so when my little granddaughters are in the car with me.  They are only aged three and eighteen months, but they love to sing along with me – they do all the actions and sounds as we make our little car trips together. We love to sing everything from the ‘Wheels on the bus’, to ‘Jesus loves me.’

However, car journeys with me are only now and again – they are with their mum more of the time and do lots of car journeys in the course of a normal day.  So my daughter in law, who like most parents has a busy life, thought it was ideal to use the time in the car to sing about God, and to God.  So from when the girls were tiny she has used those car journeys to play the latest children’s worship playlist, and enjoyed the time singing along together.  It’s a simple concept, but every song was sowing a little seed and building a connection with God, even before they could sing themselves.

To my delight when the girls were travelling with me recently and I asked “what song will we sing today girls – Old MacDonald?” – they enthusiastically said “oh no Grandma, we sing Jesus songs in the car.”

Never underestimate how the regular rhythm of a simple sing-along on the way to school or the supermarket, sows seeds that can help connect your little ones to God in a natural way.  As well as making the boring car journeys more fun, you can help inspire a faith that lasts.

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