What churches can do

Alongside church leaders, we want to see every generation growing in their love for God.

We know that our churches have great programmes for children, but how much do we think about how we can equip and encourage parents as well, as they raise young disciples?


Why this is so important

We’ve been talking to church leaders across the country about why this is so important to our churches.

One church leader we spoke to said:

“It strikes me that there is no single occasion in the year where I as a church leader have the opportunity to speak to parents directly about their parenting – and yet it’s such an important issue.”

We have some great ways you can start this journey with parents in your congregation.

Complete our whole church approach training

Children’s Faith: A whole church approach to family ministry

This booklet and the accompanying resources contain flexible coaching material to help churches review and develop their children’s and family ministry. It includes development tools, thought-provoking content, discussion questions and a journey map, together with online access to video material presented by Andy Frost.

Find out more

Read the Becoming a parent discipling church leaflet

Becoming a parent-discipling church

This handbook looks at the importance of parents in their children’s faith journey.

Discover how to equip parents to disciple their children at home.


Check out the Church Toolkit

Find out how you can become a parent-equipping church. A toolkit with sermons, videos and much more that you can use to start talking to parents about how they can share Jesus with their children.

Have a look at the toolkit now.

Tell the parents in your church about the Kitchen Table Project

Talk to the parents in your church about the key role they have to play in building their children’s faith.

You can show them the Kitchen Table Project promo video:

Watch the video

Or use our 30 minute seminar that can be easily  customised to suit your style and audience.

Download the presentation

Download the notes

Run an Inspire session for parents

An introduction for mums and dads to start talking about how they can share faith with their children at home. The session is free to download, easy to run, and works as a one-off, or can be spread over two sessions.

Find out more.

The Big Scrumptious Faith-Filled Feast

Whatever the size, style or make-up of your church family, stories are for everyone! The Big Scrumptious Faith-Filled Feast is a fun, easy way to tell the next generation about Jesus.

We are excited to offer a specially created all-age family service. It’s designed to celebrate the stories of what God has done and pass them onto the next generation.

Find out more about the Feast and all the resources available.

Use our seasonal resources

Mother’s Day

Mothers’ Day is an opportunity to encourage mums – and everyone in your church – to think about nurturing faith in the younger generation. Take a look at these ideas, readings and sermon notes.

What builds faith at Christmas?

An image-based resource for churches to use on social media, or with their internal communications to parents.

What builds faith at Christmas offers ideas and encouragement for parents to nurture faith throughout the Christmas season.

Download now


Check out our resources

Discover lots more great resources to help you empower the parents in your church.

Take a look

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