A grandmother’s gift

We wanted to share with you this wonderfully generous way grandmother Lynda shared her milestone birthday with those she loves most.

When I bought my first copy of ‘Raising Faith’ I read it in one sitting. I was moved to tears by its honesty and practical spirituality. I wished that such a book had been available to me when my boys were children. Then I had an idea!

Being on the threshold of a ‘significant birthday’ (not telling!), I decided I’d be the one buying the presents! I took advantage of the amazing offer of ordering 20 books for the price of 10 and awaited my delivery.

Then I crafted an accompanying letter to all the parents I know who are believers (my sons and daughters-in-law included) and whose children are still little. I told them that I wanted to mark my birthday by investing in something I hold dear.

I acknowledged how hard it can be to raise children in the faith, and assured them of my support and continuing prayers, and asked them to accept the gift of the book with my love.

So far I have given out 16 of the 20 books I bought, and am looking to give away the other four very soon. I have prayed over each one, and am endeavouring to pray for the parents and their children.

Being a grandparent and a children’s worker, I am so aware of some of the difficult issues parents face today that were not issues for my husband and me.

I am so grateful to Care for the Family for raising some of those issues and providing such excellent quality resources, many of which we have been able to use and give to others, ultimately for God’s glory and the extension of His kingdom here on earth.

You may not purchase books to give away, but are there parents you can pray for as they raise their children?

If you would like to have a look at Raising Faith, you can get it here!

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