Back to school

We are approaching the end of the summer holidays and a new school year is ahead of us.

Our children might be climbing the walls out of boredom or they may be devastated that the holidays are ending. As a parent, you might be struggling to get your head around everything you need to do before they go back, or you might have their backpacks and pencil cases already packed!

Every one of us is different and how we feel about the start of the school year might change on an hourly basis. It makes sense that our children may be excited one minute and anxious the next. We can help them to get ready in so many practical ways, but we can also remember to tell them how God is with them at school too.

Here are some ideas to help!


  • Try to avoid the last minute rush

This might mean purchasing new uniform, finding and washing the old uniform or taking a trip out to top up stationary. Involve your children by talking through what they need and make a plan. Try to have everything ready a few days before, and just put the last minute things together the night before.


  • Get them back into a morning/bedtime routine.

It’s really important to make sure our children are getting enough sleep. For many families the morning and bedtime routine goes out of the window over the summer, so try to ease them back into one a few days before they start back. You can get them involved in planning what they’ll have for breakfast or what books they’ll read before bed.


  • Remind them that God is with them!

We can take time to speak to our children about how God is with us throughout the day. They can reach out to talk to him at any time, ask for his help or just thank him.


  • Talk to them about school.

Starting a conversation about school can create a space for your children to share their anxieties before school starts. It will also give you the chance to hear what they are really looking forward to. You can thank God for the things they’re excited about, and ask for God’s help with the things they are worried about.


  • Start a back to school tradition

This could be a special breakfast on the first day back or a meal together the night before. It might be going shopping for pencil cases or backpacks. Traditions create wonderful memories for our children!


  • Help them make goals for the school year.

Sit down with your child and ask them what they want to do this year. It doesn’t have to be school related! This is a great opportunity for some one-to-one time, and for you to hear your children’s hopes and dreams. Maybe they want to join a football club, learn an instrument or even make new friends.


  • Be enthusiastic!

If you are stressed about your children going back to school or worried about them starting school, they might pick up on it. Try to be positive! Ask your children to tell you what their favourite things about school are or what they are looking forward to and share what you enjoyed most.


  • Keep them in the know!

Our children like to understand what is happening and what to expect. How are they getting to school? Who will pick them up? What will they do after school? What lessons will they have in school? Encourage them to ask questions!

Child ready to go to school
  • Look after yourself!

Getting our kids back to school can be an organisational marathon, so make sure you take a little time for yourself. It might just be ten minutes squeezed in somewhere, but be intentional in making time to do something just for you.


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