Be Refreshed – Day 9


by Cathy Madavan


Psalm 17

It is God who arms me with strength and keep my way secure. He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he causes me to stand on the heights. He trains my hands for battle; my arms can bend a bow of bronze (vs32-34).


We may not be in a literal war zone like the psalmist King David, but haven’t we all felt like we live in a battlefield from time to time?! Our family have fought over many things including vegetable eating, leaving the house on time, bedroom-floor-mess-issues and more. It really is living on the front-line, this parenting lark.

Some battles are tougher than others, and it is here that our faith is so precious to us. Sometimes though, we end up struggling away on our own, using up our own resources instead of depending on God. Maybe we forget to ask him or others for reinforcement as we face our challenges.

He keeps us secure

As parents, it is good to know where we stand in a battle. When our children sense division in the ranks or uncertainty in the orders, they will take full advantage! This means not throwing out a hundred threats that mean nothing, but instead we should be secure and sure about what really matters most.

With God’s help, we can be strong and loving and fair, especially when that means keeping our children safe or making decisions in their best interests that they might not appreciate. God might even prompt us to compromise when we need to!

He trains our hands

Consider the wise friends or parents who have helped you to learn more about parenting or marriage. Many of us simply could not have coped without other people and the various parenting courses, blogs, books and peer groups (as well as the Bible’s great guidance) that have equipped us for the ups and downs of relationships.

It’s not a failure to know we need help, it is a strength, and none of us come fully trained for the relationships struggles of life. Thankfully God is always there to equip us and so are other people who have fought the same battles.


Where do you go for advice when the going gets tough? Who do you learn most from?

Tell God where you are facing any battles at the moment. How can you prayerfully expect God to equip you for the task at hand? Ask for his strength and strategies.


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