Be Refreshed – A journey through the Psalms

The Psalms are an eclectic mix of prayers and songs that are filled with emotion. They give us permission to come to God as we are, no matter how we are feeling.

Whether we as mums, dads and carers, are riding on euphoria or if we are sleep-deprived and seem to be drowning in a sea of worries and concerns, the Psalms remind us that we can always come to God.

Over and over again the beautiful poetry reveals the true character of God, that he is King, that he is good and that he is listening.

So join us on this whistle-stop tour of some of the psalms and create a little space in the busy routine of making packed lunches and the mountains of laundry to be with God.

Our writers Andy Frost and Cathy Madavan take us on a journey around themes such as; thanks, being planted, being present, being still, being able to love, trust and battle in everyday life.

Each day starts with an excerpt from a psalm, shares a few thoughts and reflections, and finishes off with a moment to respond.

We’re looking forward to taking some time out before the summer holidays, to breathe, to relax and be refreshed ourselves as we prepare to give out over the coming weeks.

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