Celebrating Easter

Easter is fast approaching, and many parents are thinking about different ways we can celebrate as a family. Holidays like this can really help to build wonderful traditions in families and create beautiful memories.

Building memories through family traditions creates a sense of connectedness and belonging. So why not think about the traditions your family already has for Easter, and perhaps pick a new one to start this year? Remember that some will last for years while others will only last for a season. If your children are a little older maybe they could help you to pick a new way to celebrate Easter?

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

  • Easter egg story hunt
    Split the Easter story into sections, and write each part on a strip of paper. You could use hollow eggs and hide the paper inside, or use chocolate eggs and tape the section to the eggs. Once your children have found all the eggs, have them put the story in order. This could become something you do every year!
  • Jelly beans
    (or other colourful fruits or sweets) can be a visual way to talk about the Easter story with your children:
    Red – Is for the blood Jesus gave. Mark 14:24
    Purple – Is for the robe the soldiers made Jesus wear. John 19:5
    Black – Is for the dark tomb Jesus was in. Matthew 27:58-60
    White – Reminds us of the angels that rolled the stone away.
    Yellow – Is for the morning he rose to make all things right.
    Green – Is for the garden where Mary saw Jesus had risen. John 20:14-17
    Pink – Is to remind us that we are never alone.
  • Easter Puzzle
    Print off or draw a picture that represents Easter. Then stick the picture onto some card and cut it into puzzle shapes. You could hide these pieces as part of an egg hunt around the house, or write a treasure hunt. They can enjoy putting together the puzzle once they have all the pieces.
  • Easter story stones
    Get some flat stones and paints, then you and your children can paint different images to tell the Easter story on the stones. These make lovely keepsakes to get out every year or give as gifts.
  • Easter garden
    Collect items together with your children on walks or in your garden, and make an Easter scene. Use rocks or stones to make the tomb with the stone rolled away, and tie sticks together with string to make the cross! Let your children have fun with it, and maybe even keep it in the garden.
  • Hot Cross Buns
    Learn to make hot cross buns together and when you are making the cross on the top you can reflect together on what Jesus gave for us.

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