Covid-19: Resources for leaders

This season has been incredibly difficult for church leaders and youth and children’s workers. Thank you for how hard you are working to serve your church families, for adapting so quickly and for sticking with it.

It has been really hard to engage with families and to equip parents as they disciple their children – so we have some great resources to help you!

All these ideas are free to use and adapt as you need, and if you would like to chat with one of our networkers about how the Kitchen Table Project can help you support parents in your church, please do get in touch.


Signs of life online all-age service

Find challenges for families to do together and even an online all-age service template to help you plan time together.

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Online children's work: Making it effective

How can we build connection and continue to nurture children’s faith when we’re trying to do it online?

This practical research summary gives insights into the key factors and 22 great ways we can increase the impact of our online children’s work.

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Helping our children connect to online church

Find lots of tips and ideas to help families connect with online church.

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Encounters with Jesus

Andy Frost has created six fantastic short videos for families,  exploring different Bible stories.

With each video there are five ideas for families to engage with the story together at home.

You can use these freely on their own or include them in your own online videos.

Check them out now!

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Ideas and links to help our children's work flourish

During our recent event Helping our children’s work flourish in a pandemic, lots of ideas, websites and links were suggested.

We’ve compiled them all in one place to help with your planning.

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Bereavement Care Awareness

Care for the Family has a wealth of resources to help you support families who are grieving following a bereavement.

Discover the support available now.

Bereavement support

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