Privacy Statement

Care for the Family does not record any personally-identifying information about your visit.

We only collect and store those email addresses that have been submitted to us to make an enquiry or receive email newsletters. The email addresses are stored on our database, which is not available to anyone outside of Care for the Family. The newsletters will be used to inform you of updates to content on the site, preview content, or to notify you of forthcoming events. These email addresses may be added to contact information we already have.

Whilst we use cookies on this site they are not used to record personally-identifiable information. All information submitted to us is held temporarily, for the duration of your visit to the site. As soon as you leave the site, the data will be held in session for 30 minutes or until all browser windows have been closed before it is purged. In the event of you returning to the site before that time, you will not have lost any details entered.

Please note: we are currently testing services that help us to analyse the usage of our website so that we can see how useful our site is and where we can improve it.

We always recommend that you protect yourself from intrusive monitoring on the web. However, we hope you will see how we can benefit from being able to analyse accurately how people use our site. Only data such as IP address, length of time spent on a page, where you came from, and to which page you went are recorded about your visit.

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