Exploring how to build faith at home

The Kitchen Table Project Inspire Session is a really helpful tool to explore how to build faith at home.

Here mum of three Steph shares the difference it made to her …

I recently went to an Inspire session at my friend’s home, with a group of mums that I know well. The most helpful things for me were to realise that I am already doing stuff with the kids naturally and also the importance of living out faith in a genuine way that the kids can see. I found that really encouraging and have been more mindful of what I am doing with the kids and looking for opportunities to talk to my six year old in a way she can relate to.

Before the session I felt like a bit of a failure (as mums tend to!) and overwhelmed by the task of sharing faith with my children. But I am feeling  much more positive now. The informal setting and discussion was great for me and I gained so much from just talking about how I talk to my kids about God. I was with a group of friends who I chat to regularly, but actually focusing on talking about how we inspire faith in our children was so helpful. Seeing just how kids spend their time was an eye opener for not just relying on the children’s work at church!

I also saw how encouraging and important it is to spend time with other parents so that we can support each other. As a result three of us decided to meet up one afternoon each week after picking the kids up from school. This has been so good! The kids play and we chat, and we sometimes try to make a point of praying for our children together.

It’s incredible how one small conversation starter really can make a big difference!

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"It was so good to talk to other mums who are struggling with the same things as me."

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