Exploring the Bible in new ways!

We love hearing how families are engaging with faith at home. This story comes from one father and church leader who found an engaging way for his whole family to learn more about the Bible.

As a Christian parent of three young children, I have always been very keen for my children to learn about the Bible and discuss issues of faith openly. Sometimes finding (or creating) opportunities for our children to learn about faith in a natural way can be really challenging!

Recently I was given a CD called Sing the Bible with Slugs and Bugs (Volume One), and with little expectation (except that it may be cheesy kids music!) we started to listen to the CD regularly in the car.

Over the course of the next few weeks, it quickly became a favourite CD for the whole family, not just the children!

What has been really exciting is witnessing the deeper impact this is having on us as a family. My children are learning verses and passages from the Bible, and so are my wife and I! We ended up purchasing volumes two and three and it has been an amazing blessing to all of us.

The songs seem to have offered us a fresh way to engage with the Bible at home, and have given us the opportunity to talk about what the verses mean while we are travelling in the car.

This open discussion about faith is more organic for us, and enables my wife and I to explain key Bible passages in greater detail. 

I cannot emphasise enough the positive impact that this has had for our whole family!

We would love to hear from you if you’ve found creative ways to help your children engage with the story of the Bible. Sharing ideas, tips and experiences with one another can really help us inspire a faith that lasts for years to come!

This dad loved ‘Sing the Bible,’ but we haven’t checked it out ourselves. You might find an alternative that suits your family better!


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