Run an all-age service

Whatever the size, style or make-up of your church family, stories are for everyone! That’s why we are so excited to offer this specially created all-age family service. It’s designed to celebrate the stories of what God has done and pass them onto the next generation. And don’t forget that children will have their own great stories, so make sure they share theirs too!

The service includes song ideas, a sermon outline and a range of activities to get everyone involved. Feel free to pick and choose the parts that will work for you and your church, or invent some of your own! We would love to hear your ideas too.

Testimony card

Easy to print testimony cards to use within your family service. See page 7 of the Leaders’ guide.

You can give everyone a testimony card and a pen and ask them to write down something God has done for them.


Encouragement card

Everyone needs encouragement! Print these cards off and ask people to write something to encourage someone else in the room.

Super easy, but extremely effective and powerful!


Kindness voucher

Print these off so that everyone can write something that they can do for someone else in the room. It might be offering to babysit, or helping clean their house. It could be getting a coffee date in the diary, or arranging a meal for someone going through a difficult season.

Let’s encourage each other that kindness goes a long way!


Prayer card

An easy way to help communities pray for one another.

Print these off and ask people to write a prayer request on their card and swap them with someone else.


For Mothering Sunday

Thinking of using this as a theme for Mother’s Day? Here are some ideas for how you could do that.

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Share this testimonies video on your Feast Sunday!

We have been asking people to share short snippets of the wonders that God has done for them. This video would be great to show in your Big Scrumptious Faith-filled Family Service, to inspire people to think of what God has done for them.

You can download this video here.

"Let's tell the next generation the amazing things that God has done!"

Psalm 78:4

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