Growing in the fruit of the Spirit

This blog has some encouraging reflections on the fruit of the Spirit, and a great reminder to trust God to be working in us.

Reflecting on the fruit of the Spirit never grows old. It’s a passage of scripture that I sometimes feel like I’m making headway on, and long to grow in more, but often I can feel that I’m falling very short.

I think of how I lost my temper after asking my daughter to put on her coat for the millionth time, did that show self-control and patience? I think of how I ranted about our neighbour knocking over our bins instead of demonstrating love in front of my children.

I would usually pick an area I struggle in, like patience for example, and intentionally try to be better in that area. Whilst it is never bad to strive for more patience, I will inevitability slip at some point and begin the same cycle. The emphasis is often on what I can do not what God can change.

Philippians 1:6 says:

“And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” (ESV)

This verse says that not only will a good work be completed in me, but that he will bring it to completion. So I need to allow God to work on those things that could be more like Christ, to draw near to him and look to deepen that intimate relationship with him. If I focus on these things, then the fruit I long to see in my life will continue to develop over time.

Instead of striving to do more or be better, I can share that struggle with God. I can pray and ask for him to be with me, and help me in the areas in which I need his support and guidance.

I can share this struggle with my children too, I can say sorry when I need to and explain that even mum gets its wrong. I can share that I have prayed, or even pray with them and demonstrate that side of my relationship with God.

I pray that this will have blessed you in some way, and that you won’t feel the pressure to do more or give up entirely. I pray that you would look to God and lean on him, finding ways to share your relationship with God, with your children.

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