New research findings for churches: Families, Faith and COVID-19

How have families been affected by COVID-19?

Dr Sarah Holmes from Liverpool Hope University has been conducting a new research project looking at the relationship between families and churches through the pandemic.

It’s really interesting to see the impact that church closures have had on families and churches, and how they have perceived this differently. Encouragingly, 47% of respondents said that faith at home, in the family environment had been strengthened as a result of this period. So there’s a great opportunity for churches to build on this, to support parents as we move forward.

“In the season ahead it will be beneficial for local churches to embed into their ethos and activities an intentionality to support family’s faith in the home context. This will be affirming and supportive for those who have engaged more at home, and it will help those who are not sure or who have struggled.”

There were also plenty of challenges, and it seems that many churches are now seeing less engagement from families and a lack of volunteers. It is a difficult time but there are insights that can be helpful to moving family ministry forward. For example the benefit of relationships rather than resources was highlighted as a particular area of support that the church can focus on.

Find out more and read the summary here.

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