Raising faith at home as a church leader – Understanding your influence

Leadership is all about influence, so they say. It’s true – and if you have a senior role in any organisation, you make a difference to the atmosphere and the outcomes when you turn up and contribute.

Even as a pastor’s wife, although I am not in a paid position of leadership in our church, I know that when I speak at a church meeting or in a small group, I’m never just a ‘normal member’. What I say carries weight. But, as parents, we know that the place where we have the most influence, is in our home.

At church we might invest a great deal into creating a culture where people are encouraged to thrive and grow deeper in faith, but at home we need to care just as passionately and intentionally about growing a culture of discipleship.

Home should be a place where it is normal to pray, to show hospitality, to display generosity and to discuss issues in the Bible and what God might be saying. Faith should never just be reserved for church activity or Sunday’s sermon.

We all have influence and we are influenced by others, and I’m so thankful for the way other Christians have influenced our family. Around our kitchen table we have been fortunate enough to sit with church members, but also guest speakers and missionaries, whose conversation and passion have poured out as little ears were listening and learning about the highs and lows of living the adventure of faith.

Our children were undoubtedly also positively influenced at the many Christian events and holidays we have attended. Yes, there is a cost to leadership, but there are opportunities for our children to encounter God as part of who we are and what we do.

We know the world is busy influencing our children. There are plenty of ‘influencers’ and voices who will happily speak into their lives about their behaviour, values and purpose.

It’s oh-so-easy for us as leaders to be caught up in the busyness, serving others and responding to the endless needs of other people, but our children so need to hear our voice and to have their own voices heard.

We know there are no guarantees about our children’s faith, and we can’t force them to believe anything, but God has given us influence with our kids – and it looks a lot like quality time, prayer and unconditional love.

Family time

How can you be intentional this week in sharing quality, uninterrupted time with your child(ren)? If you have more than one child, maybe spend some one-to-one time with each of them to give them your undivided attention. You might spend time doing a hobby you both enjoy or going for a walk and taking the opportunity to talk more than normal.

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