Taking the pressure off

I often dread January. Not just because of the anti-climax that often comes with the Christmas festivities being over for another year.

But more because we are constantly bombarded with talk of New Year’s resolutions and goal setting for the year ahead.

I often feel a pressure to set goals in all areas of my life, including helping my children’s faith to grow. In the past, I’ve set Bible reading plans to do as a family, bought journals to sit and complete together every day or planned to have an intentional ‘chat’ on a Friday evening to find out how they’re doing and what we can pray for.

Three weeks in and I am seven days behind on the reading plan, completed day one of the journal and not even managed one of the chats, because there’s been something on after school every Friday. Not only am I left feeling totally deflated, but in striving to meet the goals for the year, I have probably missed so many little opportunities to talk to my daughters about God.

So, this year we are approaching the new year differently. There will be no resolutions or goal settings. No new devotionals or planned moments of talking.

I am going to be intentional only in looking for little moments as they arise:

  • Maybe we’ll share our high and low points from the day as we eat together and then talk to God about them or
  • As we watch television together, we’ll talk about the themes and ask each other what we think Jesus would say or do or
  • As we snuggle up at bedtime we’ll chat about where we have seen God in our day

I have to say, I’m looking forward to the freedom of no pressure. Hopefully it will allow us to see God in those little moments of everyday life way past January.

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