Talking Faith with John Mark Comer

Our UK Director Katharine Hill had the opportunity to catch up with John Mark Comer while he was over from the US earlier this year.

John Mark is a pastor, author and dad and is well known for his latest book The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry. In this interview he shares wisdom and insight into reducing busyness, being intentional and embracing the Sabbath as a family.

"Banish idealism from your mind. Celebrate what is, and don't hold it up against what could be or should be, or ought to be ... and just lovingly present each day and each child before God."

Talking Faith with Ali and Gareth Gilkeson, Rend Collective

We continue our Talking Faith series with Ali and Gareth Gilkeson from the popular festival and celebration-filled band Rend Collective!

Becky caught up with Ali and Gareth at Big Church Day Out this year to ask them all about what faith in their family looks like (on tour!)

"We really just want to show them that it can be fun and you don't have to be serious all the time." Ali

Talking Faith

Our brand new podcast Talking Faith is a series of conversations with Christian parents about how they have inspired faith in their children.

The first interview is with the lovely Anna Smith, who has six children and is married to worship leader Martin.

Anna wrote a book called Meet Mrs Smith which looked at their story as a family in the early years, and we were thrilled that she was willing to share her stories and wisdom on inspiring faith in their children. We loved getting to chat with Anna about parenting, faith, church life and our kids’ big questions.

Anna had so much wisdom to share, we hope you enjoy listening to her as much as we did …

Watch the video or listen to the audio now.


"Being really true to who you are is really essential as well, because that’s who they’re watching at the end of the day. So be authentic, be truthful, and have other people other than yourself around the table."

- Anna

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