Talking Faith Series

Our podcast Talking Faith is a series of conversations with Christian parents about how they have inspired faith in their children. Discover lots of great wisdom in these authentic, honest interviews.

Talking Faith with Girma Bishaw

Girma Bishaw is founder of the Gratitude Initiative and shares so much wisdom about developing a culture of gratitude in our homes.

"Helping [our children] to discover the source of their happiness, and then using that opportunity to acknowledge the good and express their gratitude would really help them to have a positive outlook."

Talking Faith with Ben Lindsay

In this episode, Andy Frost talks to Ben Lindsay, CEO of Power the Fight and author of the book ‘We need to talk about race’. With great insight and authenticity, Ben shares about being a dad, how we can model faith and talk to our kids about equality and social justice.

"More than any time in life, children really want to understand fairness ... and justice."

Talking Faith with Patrick and Diane Reagan

Hear from Patrick and Diane Reagan of charity, Kintsugi Hope, as they chat with Claire about how important it is for parents to look after their own mental wellbeing. They talk about the highs and lows of parenting and how faith comes into family life.

"Go gently with your emotions, go gently with yourself ... show compassion to yourself, and compassion to others."

Talking Faith with Lily-Jo

We loved getting to talk to Lily-Jo about helping our children with their mental wellbeing and how our faith is a big part of that. Check out the whole interview now.

"We all have mental health ... it's just that some of us struggle with it from time to time."

Talking Faith with Pete Greig

Andy Frost sits down with Pete Greig to talk about what faith in their family looks like and how they have engaged with prayer together as a family.

"I looked at lots of promises in the Bible, and I found the ones that resonated with what I know of my own kids, and once I got two or three promises that I really felt were from God for my kids - those have become the backbone of the prayers for my kids."

Talking Faith with John Mark Comer

Our UK Director Katharine Hill had the opportunity to catch up with John Mark Comer while he was over from the US earlier this year.

John Mark is a pastor, author and dad and is well known for his latest book The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry. In this interview he shares wisdom and insight into reducing busyness, being intentional and embracing the Sabbath as a family.

"Banish idealism from your mind. Celebrate what is, and don't hold it up against what could be or should be, or ought to be ... and just lovingly present each day and each child before God."

Talking Faith with JB Gill

We got the opportunity a while ago to talk to JB Gill (TV Presenter and JLS Band member) about his faith and what family life looks like for him.

"It's important for us to worship together as a family, and introduce God, and the Bible and Jesus and all those other aspects of faith to our children ... I think, if we do our job right, you know, making that introduction, and also by directly living that as well, I think it makes a huge difference."

Talking Faith with Chip and Helen Kendall

We talked with Chip and Helen Kendall about family faith, life at home and how we can meet our children where they’re at when they’re just not ‘that interested’ in faith.

"It's about trusting God for what is 'right' for this kid ... it's never going to be a uniform thing ... it's about what God is saying for that kid in that moment."

Talking Faith with Ali and Gareth Glikeson

We loved this interview with Ali and Gareth Gilkeson from the band Rend Collective. Find out how they worship as a family and how celebration helps them and their kids draw close to God.

"We really try to show them that ... you can enjoy God and enjoy worshipping"

Talking Faith with Anna Smith

We loved getting to chat with Anna Smith about parenting, faith, church life and our kids’ big questions. Anna has six children and is married to worship leader Martin.



"Being really true to who you are is really essential as well, because that’s who they’re watching at the end of the day. So be authentic, be truthful, and have other people other than yourself around the table."

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