Teachable moments at Christmas: Celebration

How are you celebrating Christmas this year? Maybe you’re on a budget and doing less than normal, but there is still so much excitement even in the build up.

And this creates an opportunity to chat to our children about excitement, anticipation and how God loves celebrating too!

Have a look out for times you can point your children to Jesus in the everyday celebrations …

  • If you go for a walk and look at the Christmas lights maybe talk about Jesus being the light of the world.
  • Ask each other how you think the wise men felt as they travelled to see Jesus and anticipated meeting the king of all kings. How does that compare to anticipating Christmas Day?
  • If you have a school play or a nativity at church, take a minute to pray for any nerves or worries, and ask God to help.
  • While you’re having fun visiting Santa, spinning out on an ice rink or watching a Christmas movie, remember that God wants us to enjoy life to the full, and that he loves us to celebrate Jesus with each other.

In the joy of celebration, there are so many opportunities to celebrate Jesus, the gift he was to us, and the hope he brings to our lives – especially as we remember his birth this time of year.

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