What parents can do 2

Whether you are a mum, dad, carer or grandparent, you have an incredible opportunity to impact your child’s spiritual development.

Try out some of these simple starting points:

10 things we can easily to at home
Where do I start? Here are some simple ideas that will help your children start to see who God is.

Discover what builds faith?

Host an Inspire session
Inspire is an easy-to-run small group discussion to start us thinking about how to build faith in our children.

Watch the Talking Faith interviews
Our podcast Talking Faith is a series of conversations with Christian parents about how they have inspired faith in their children.

Read our blog
Real stories from mums and dads on their parenting adventure.

When your partner doesn’t share faith
If you’re parenting with a spouse or partner who doesn’t share your faith, you’re not alone.

When you parent children with additional needs
All children are demanding in their need for their parents to do everything for them, but usually they grow up and become independent, learning to do things for themselves, and freeing up their parents’ time.

When you parent alone
Raising children is challenging, but even more so if you are doing it alone.

When you adopt or foster
No parent would disagree that raising children is a challenging job.

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