The power of posters

In this blog, Perry explains how she has started creating posters to help her little boy connect with God, which she now sells on her website.

As mum of one very active boy I have struggled to get him to engage meaningfully with scripture, let alone to love God’s word or pray.

We spend a large proportion of our lives in our kitchen; it is where I work, where we have all our meals, play games and often have our most meaningful conversations.  We have tried many different ways to invest in family time reading the Bible and praying, but find that the spontaneous discussions are the ones that are most memorable and that have the biggest impact.

As an illustrator I started to create posters around Biblical Truths or Bible Verses and put them up on the wall next to the kitchen table.  The first one I did was all about God’s Superpowers.  For our son, discussing the ‘Fruit of the Spirit’ was not interesting… but God’s Super Powers, well, who wouldn’t want those?

Because he was actually engaging with the illustrations it inspired me to do more and rotate the posters regularly in one frame to keep the discussions alive and active. Before lockdown we noticed that not only other children, but also visiting adults engaged with the illustrations and asked questions about the subject, faith and God, because even though the illustrations are childlike the subjects are actually very grown up. The posters include subjects such as: Kingdom Finance; Sowing Seeds into your Future; and ‘This is who I am” – verses to remind us of who we are in Christ.

The writing is all hand written which makes them ‘friendly’ and whilst you could get mine online you could also try drawing them yourself or even get your children to join you in doing some. Every now and again our son surprises us and sits down to draw, and comes up with some lovely illustration which may depict his relationship with God or something he learnt at church or a sentiment from a worship song which I find very encouraging. We always make sure we put his one in the frame for a while next to the kitchen table so that he knows we value his work as much as mine.

So particularly if you have children who are stimulated visually, this works really well and results in some great and meaningful family times.

If you don’t feel up to doing the drawing and would like to get some from my website, I am offering a special Care for the Family discount, type CFTFJOY when you check out to get 4 posters for the price of 3.

Have a look now!


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