What catches your child’s attention?

Being intentional about raising faith can seem difficult sometimes, especially in the chaos of school pickups, football matches and piano lessons.

Just getting dinner on the table can seem like an impossible task, and don’t get me started on convincing everyone to brush their teeth.

But recently I looked for small wins, the easy and natural ways I can weave faith into our family life.

I had been listening to a song on repeat for a week trying desperately to learn the words for the upcoming Sunday. It was a song from Kids church that we were including in a family service, and also included a wordy rap.

My daughter just loved this song, she wanted to dance around to it and was delighted to listen to it on repeat. She then asked me what the words meant – it was a song about David and Goliath called slingshot. The perfect natural opportunity to share a bible story with my four-year-old.

So, I shared the story in the simplest way I could, and over the next few days she kept coming back to me with questions. She asked to find the story in her Bible, then she wanted to draw a picture of Goliath. She wanted to know why it was okay for David to throw stones, but not for her – that was a fun question to field.

It all started with trying to learn a song, maybe next time it will be because I leave my bible on the kitchen table.

All I can do is look for the everyday opportunities.

Instead of attempting a family Bible study I could try to offer a glimpse of my own spiritual life, include her in how I serve at church or share what God is teaching me right me now.

I pray that this blesses you, and helps to encourage you. Look for a natural opportunity, a small win, you never know how far they can go.

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