What kids think about prayer

In the Bible, Jesus teaches his disciples how to pray, that’s why it is really important that we teach our children to pray too! This shows them what it’s like to have a relationship with God where we come to him with the big and the small things in our lives. It demonstrates that faith isn’t just about Sunday mornings, it’s about daily life with him.

Sometimes it’s really great to ask our children direct questions about prayer to find out what they know and feel. You might feel like they don’t take in what you’re saying, or that they don’t really pray at all, but you might be surprised what they say. We asked a bunch of kids what they thought about prayer – here are the responses we got!

What do you think prayer is?

 “It’s spending time with God”
Katie, age 5

 “It’s talking to God like you would talk to a friend”
Charlotte, age 11

Do you like to pray?

 “I love praying because it helps you be peaceful and calm”
Alice, age 10

 “Yes I do because I like speaking with God”
Ollie, age 8

When do you pray the most?

 “I pray the most at night in bed”
Thomas, age 9

 “I pray the most in school because he helps me learn”
Martha, age 7

Do you think everyone should pray, or just church leaders and important people?

“Everyone should be able to pray, because God made it for everyone”
Eli, age 10

What do you pray for most?

“ I pray for my family.”
Charlotte, age 11

“I pray for people who don’t know God to understand who he is.”
Helen, age 6

“I pray for my brother and I liked when I asked God to help his arm to not get infected and it didn’t!”
Ollie, age 8

We asked them to write down a prayer for their family

“Dear God, I pray for my family, I pray for all of them they are safe and if a bit of our family is struggling your there to help. Love Katie.”
Katie, age 5

“Hey God, I pray for my family, I pray that you’d keep them safe and look after them always. I thank you that they love and inspire me! I pray that they would always love you each other and that you would help them be unique and who you want them to be. I pray for us as a family and we would be nice and encourage each other always and if we need help and support we would not be afraid to come to one another. Thank you so much Jesus. I love you. In Jesus’ name, amen.”
Sarah, age 11

We would love to hear what your kids said!

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