What parents are saying about ‘Parentalk – The Primary Years’ DVD course

Over the last few years Care for the Family’s Parentalk – The Primary Years DVD course has been used in hundreds of small groups across the country. The flexible DVD-based course covers essential topics for parents of children up to the early teenage years.

It’s all about helping mums and dads do the best job they can at bringing up their children. It gives parents the opportunity to share their experiences, learn from each other, and explore some essential parenting principles.

We asked Parentalk participants if they could give us some feedback on their experience.

When asked what their main takeaway from the course was, we had so many parents share how helpful it was to gather with other parents, to share ideas and encouragement. Many parents revealed how alone they felt in their parenting before starting the course, but how encouraged and supported they felt when they realised that all parents face similar challenges.

One parent shared: “I’m not alone. To remain positive, not to compare myself with others as they are at different stages on their journey.”

Many parents were encouraged by the various topics that are talked about throughout the course. One parent shared that they learnt “how to build strong roots, to parent with elastic and to have boundaries.”

Another parent realised how important it was to remind yourself that you’re doing a great job and that there are a lot of inspiring ideas out there. “I gained positive feelings about doing my best. Good tips and ideas to take forward, e.g. finding love languages that work, traditions, and keeping communication open.”

This course has made such an impact on family life already. Full of real-life family interviews, presenter discussions, street vox pops and animations – Parentalk would be an excellent resource to use within your parent groups. Pick up your copy from the Care for the Family shop today, or if you can run this within your church or community you can download a free copy here!

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"It was so good to talk to other mums who are struggling with the same things as me."

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