What builds faith?

Children have an amazing capacity to grasp the spiritual. Research shows that they are naturally able to believe and trust in God.

It is really helpful to know that there are some key factors that help our children grow strong foundations in their faith. There are no guarantees, and ultimately we know that it is God at work in their lives that will develop their relationship with him. But we can do our best in these areas to help point our children to God in all that we do.


A warm, affirming family where children feel safe, loved and accepted gives a secure foundation for their faith to grow.

When people report that as children they felt close to their parents and felt it was a warm relationship, they are much more likely to also say that they share their parents’ faith.

When we care for our children and have fun together, we are actually creating the rich soil within which faith can take root and flourish.

Be real

You don’t have to be an expert! We’re not perfect, but living out our faith in a genuine way inspires children to want this for themselves.

Children need to see what real faith looks like in the day to day. We can’t pass on what we haven’t got! As parents, we’re perfectly placed to show them what faith looks like in the good times and the bad.

Be intentional

Finding ways to involve God naturally in everyday life encourages our children to know and love him.

We can look for little ways to faith into everyday life. It might involve praying together as a family on the way to school, choosing a children’s Bible to read together at bedtime, or agreeing to serve together at church or by visiting someone in need.


Involving children at church and building relationships with others helps our children feel that they belong to God’s family.

Evidence shows the positive influence that grandparents or wider family can have on children’s faith, and also that their faith benefits when they are well connected to other adults in the church.

Whether your church has a huge youth group or they are one of the only children there, we can help them feel that it’s their family, where they belong.


Praying with our children, and for them, and asking God to guide us as we parent is so important.

We can look for opportunities to help them connect with God, but ultimately they are his children and he wants that relationship with them event more than we want it for them.

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