When your child won’t pray …

One mum encourages us to keep investing in our children, even when it doesn’t seem to be going the way we’d like!


In my head I know that every child is unique and different, but that doesn’t make it any easier when you see other children with great manners, who respond the ‘right’ way in situations or who appear to listen intently to their parents.

I also know that appearances can be deceiving, but often as parents our brains go into overdrive, trying to figure out where we’re going wrong and why our children don’t behave the way we want!

This is no different when it comes to faith either, I’ve discovered. I look at the lovely little ones in church who want to pray aloud and engage in worship, and if I’m honest, I feel slightly deflated.

I have two wonderful children, but when it comes to prayer, my youngest has absolutely no interest – or so it seems. Very occasionally he might say a thank you, but at bedtime he’s shattered, after school he’s worn out, and in the morning he is still waking up! No matter how much I’ve tried, connection with God doesn’t seem to be too high on his agenda.

I intentionally ask him to pray, but try really hard not to push it too much so that I don’t put him off – a fine balance to try and manage.

But then I got a tiny ray of hope the other day. My two sons were playing in the lounge after school, talking about what they’d been up to.

I was in the hallway and overheard the youngest explaining to his brother: “Do you know why I’ve got so fast at running? Because I prayed and asked God to help me.”

Theological implications and judgements aside as to whether it was a good idea to ask God to make you run fast and win every race, HE PRAYED!

On his own, when something mattered to him … he turned to God and asked for his help.

I am so grateful to God to have overheard that conversation. No matter what it seems like externally – God is at work inside, and our children are taking in more than we realise!


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