Where has God placed me?

Recently my daughter has started nursery and more often than not, she cries. The first time she cried I struggled not to weep along with her! Yet as I came out of the school I found a host of other mums who had seen the situation, who had waited just to offer comfort to me.

That is when I started to realise that amidst all of the function and practicality of my daughter starting nursery, God was calling me into something new too. I suddenly occupy a space full of other parents who are right there with me.

I ended up walking alongside a mother about a week later who’s son had cried for the first time, and I was able to feel that pain with her. I was able to pray for her in my heart, and let her know that she was not alone. She gives me the biggest smile each time I see her now.

As parents we can occupy so many spaces! Work, home and school being just a few! So many of us go to football practice with our children, or maybe music lessons or swimming.

What spaces is God placing you in to reach and love others?

You can probably think of a hundred times God has used you to bring hope and love in a situation. I bet you can also think a hundred times another person has been that for you. I have a friend whose children are slightly older than mine, and she is my go to for encouragement and help.

We talk so often about parents helping each other along the journey. We don’t just mean to support each other as we raise faith in our families, we also mean to support one another through the highs and lows of life.

So where ever you find yourself right now, can I encourage you to think of two things?

What space is God calling me to occupy?

Who am I on the journey with?

Both of these questions have been paramount to me in the last month, and I pray that these will help you too!

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