Wisdom in Winter – Introduction

We’ll be starting a new winter devotional series this week as we journey through the book of Proverbs with Cathy Madavan!

The book of Proverbs is packed full of wisdom and insight for everyday living. Eugene Peterson, the author of THE MESSAGE Bible, introduces the book of wisdom as “the art of living skilfully in whatever actual conditions we find ourselves.”

This devotional series, written by our great friend Cathy Madavan, is designed to equip us to establish firm foundations, encourage us to follow God’s lead in our lives and help us to develop the art of ‘living skilfully’ in the busyness of everyday family life.

Our lives are full of seasons … some long, some short. Seasons that bring joy and growth, and seasons where life is draining and we find ourselves struggling to focus on what lies ahead.

Through family stories and moments of vulnerability, Cathy encourages us to seek wisdom through the book of Proverbs and draw understanding from the rest of scripture. We pray that this will help to sow strength and hope in this season and the next.

About the author

Cathy Madavan is a popular speaker, presenter and writer, and writes regularly for Christian publications. Cathy lives with her husband Mark and they have two teenage girls.

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