Exploring faith in the summer

The summer holidays are upon us. Although the lighter evenings and nicer weather (a bit hit and miss in the UK!) can be great, the lack of nursery or school routine can leave us with so many long days to fill with fun and engaging activities.

That can be challenging enough to do without thinking of how we can bring faith into it too.

To inspire us all we’ve gathered some of our best summer ideas together.

Perhaps we want to:

  1. Do things differently and explore some new ways to engage with God as a family – maybe through nature walks or artwork. Check out our summer scavenger hunt and Andy Frost’s 52 Faith Adventures for Dads and their Kids. This is full of creative, low-cost ideas to help us have fun with our kids and inspire faith too (and it’s not just for dads!). Each activity includes a step-by-step guide, a relevant Bible story, questions to spark discussion and the chance to make amazing memories.
  2. Make space for more faith conversations as we go about our everyday activities this summer. Our ‘As you go …’ resource is a great way to talk about faith as we go out, go to bed, go to church, or go around the house.
  3. Share food together as a family or invite other families to join us and talk about all that God is doing in our lives. Our summer-themed Big Scrumptious Faith-Filled Feast is full of fun activities and is a great way to get those faith conversations started.
  4. Encourage our children to connect with God themselves, perhaps creating a prayer den or finding some age-appropriate prayer notes.
  5. Use a devotional to inspire our own faith journey. Our ‘Seeds and Trees’ devotional series is designed to refresh our own walk with God and helps us to reflect upon the seeds we plant in our family. There is even a weekly idea for us to share with our children too.

We hope that you have the most amazing summer creating memories you’ll be looking back on for years to come and inspiring a faith that will last.

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