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When we launched the Kitchen Table Project, we wanted to create a community of mums, dads and carers who came together with the mutual interest of finding ways of building their children’s faith. It’s so empowering to come together with others, who not only share your interests, but who can totally relate to the stage of life you are in. 

We’ve been speaking to a few parents about their journey with the Kitchen Table Project so far. We can see how hosting or attending an Inspire session was an easy way for these parents to gather together to discuss how we can raise our children to have a faith that lasts. Those conversations now seep into everyday life for these parents and has given a framework for ideas and further discussion. We hope you find this encouraging!

“I saw how encouraging and important it is to spend time with other parents so that we can support each other. As a result three of us decided to meet up one afternoon each week after picking the kids up from school. This has been so nice! The kids play and we chat, and sometimes try to make a point of praying for our children together. It’s incredible how one small conversation starter really can make a big difference!”

“I loved the chance to invite some friends to get together for an evening, enjoy a catch-up and be encouraged and challenged by the material in the session. It encouraged me by highlighting simple things I’m already doing to build faith and inspired me to hear other parents’ thoughts and perspectives. I’m so grateful and can’t wait for the next one!”

“It was great to listen to and share ideas with other parents who are in a similar life stage, so that we can help each other on our own journeys. It helped me to see I don’t need to be clever and know everything, but it’s about me being myself and letting my children see my faith lived out.”

“I loved coming together with other mums and dads and knowing that we are in this together. One week I will be encouraging someone and praying for them and their children and then the next they will be doing the same for me. Parenting is such a rollercoaster of emotions and sometimes I feel I get it so right, whereas other times I know that I get it so wrong. Having others around me to encourage me and pray with me has been so amazing.”

“One of the most wonderful things about being a parent is the unity it brings. Parenthood, whatever that looks like, gives us a commonality and solidarity. Even the simple knowing looks shared between parents mid-tantrum is profound. It helps us to know that we’re not alone! And that is what the Inspire session is able to do. It allows parents to gather together with commonality in faith and parenthood, to talk about our struggles and to celebrate the beauty that raising kids in faith can bring. Jesus calls us in to community, to love one another and share with one another in honesty and trust and it’s been such a beautiful gift to join with others and walk together through parenthood and faith.”

“I find this season of raising two small children crazily busy and demanding. I often feel I’m not doing enough – ashamed at the state of my house, embarrassed I can’t get my child to eat anything except chocolate sandwiches, guilty for not being interested in my friends’ and sometimes my husband’s lives – so how am I supposed to think about raising God-loving kids? I’m hoping that getting together with others is going to reassure me that I AM NOT ALONE HAVING THOSE FEELINGS and will  give me ideas of simple, age-appropriate ways I can talk to my young children about faith. Maybe I can even help someone else!”

Following on from the Inspire session, we’ve produced a new six session video-based resource called Raising Faith which goes deeper into the following themes:

  • Building faith through everyday life
  • Creating the right environment to nurture faith
  • Making your faith visible
  • Different ways we connect with God
  • Navigating doubts and questions together
  • Belonging in the church

With engaging teaching, top tips from experts, family stories and animations – it’s an excellent resource to use together as parents! Get your copy here.

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"It was so good to talk to other mums who are struggling with the same things as me."

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