How to host a feast

We’ve got ten top tips to help you put your feast together, but it’s completely flexible so use the resources in a way that works for you!

1. Decide how big you'd like to go

Small: invite a few families to your home.

Medium: run this for your whole church family.

Go large: Check out the free family service resources and host a scrumptious Sunday!

2. Choose your feast

Although we’ve said ‘feast’ – this could be anything! Get together for breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea or a midnight feast! Maybe you’ll have a healthy fruit and veg fest, or cakes galore – choose what works for you.

3. Pick a time and place

Figure out a good time that will work, especially for families.

4. Invite people

Let people know what the feast is, and when and where it’s happening. If there’s anything you’d like them to bring, add that in too.

You can customise your own invite, and use it as a slide to show in church, or even print off proper invitations.

Use social media, emails, WhatsApp or whatever method of communication works best.

5. Plan your feast

Put together an outline of what your meal will look like.

Look through all the resources available and pick and choose what you’d like to use.

You could show the video of others sharing what God has done for them to kickstart ideas, or just have your meal and use the activity placemats.

Here’s a schedule template that you can use as a starting point.

Make a list of items you will need for your event and ask different people to help get everything together.

6. Get people involved

Many hands make light work. Ask others to help plan the logistics from invites to tables, chairs and cutlery.

You might need some cooks, or ask people to bring a plate, but make sure you’ve got a team of people to help.

7. Think about who’s coming

When you know who is coming, think about how you can make it the best experience for everyone.

If you have lots of under 5s coming, then make sure there are some crayons for scribbling on the sheets or create a fun play zone where they can play with their parents when they get restless.

Maybe it’s a story area with lots of books, and stories of faith can be shared in between reading Noah’s Ark and The Gruffalo!

Consider families with children with additional needs who might want a smaller area with just a few families gathered.

8. Order your free activity placemats

Register your event and order the number of placemats you’ll need – we don’t think they’re just for kids either 🙂

9. Share your stories

We’d love to see how your feast goes! Share your pics, stories or videos on social media using #scrumptiousfeast

10. Have fun!

We hope you have a great time sharing your scrumptious stories together, and that it encourages you to tell the next generation about our awesome God.

What's next?

Why not follow up your feast by running an Inspire session for parents in your church?

Get them together for a one off session looking at how they can help their children grow in love for God at home.

Find everything you need here!

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