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The Inspire session is free to download and use.

All the files are designed to be printed at home and look great in black and white or colour. You don’t have to print them all. Have a look at the leader’s guide first and then tailor the session to suit your style and type of group.

We’d love to know if you run a session; please drop us an email or message us on Facebook. You can also give feedback on the session which would be really helpful to us – thank you.

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You don’t have to give your details, but it would be really helpful if we could follow up with you to see what you thought of the materials. We won’t contact you for other purposes unless you tick the box below to say you’d be happy for us to send you further information.

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Quick start guide

The short guide to helping you get started!

Download the quick start guide

Building faith in the everyday video

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Personalise this invite, print at home and then just hand them out to mums and dads you know.

Download invitation

Discussion cards

These 28 question cards are a great tool to help start discussion. They’re perfect to use if you’d like to meet up again too, and give some great ideas to try.

Download discussion cards

Lightbulb and question mark

One of our activities asks what was a lightbulb moment, and what is a question you still have.

Use these visual aids, or you could draw your own!

Download the lightbulb and question mark.

Take home postcard

Giving parents something to take away is a great way of reinforcing what we’ve discussed at the session. This postcard gives a reminder of ‘what builds faith’ and there’s space on the reverse to take notes if you’re able to print on both sides.

Download postcard

Guide to running a small group

It’s great that you’re considering running an Inspire session. The leader’s guide will give you more details about the content, but here are some general pointers to help you as you prepare.


Promo video

A one-minute video highlighting the Kitchen Table Project and the Inspire session. Use in your church to encourage parents to come along!

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Free book!

It would be really helpful to hear your thoughts on the Inspire session once you’ve run it. If you could take a moment to come back and give feedback we’d love to send you a free copy of Raising Faith.

Thank you so much!

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